Carpet Dyeing in Round Rock TX

Bleach Stain? There are Solutions.

Carpet dyeing, also known as spot dyeing or stain dyeing, is when the carpet fibers are dyed back to match the rest of the carpet.

Before dyeing an area of carpet our professional cleaners will first determine if the affected area is a permanent stain that needs dyeing or just merely a spot. A spot, which will come out with our special cleaners, is just a spill on the carpet and hasn’t affected the actual carpet fibers. On the other hand, a stain, usually caused by bleach, harsh chemicals, or discoloration, is when the color in the carpet fibers has been altered. These types of stains are permanent and the only way to remove them is through carpet dyeing. In essence, a spot will clean out and a stain won’t.

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing

Add value back to your carpet

Permanent Results

Exact Color Matching

Quick, Efficient Process

Environment Safe

Expert Application

We have years of experience helping families to bring their carpet back to life. We will try our best to make sure that your carpet looks like it did when it was brand new. Of course, there may be some circumstances where the carpet can’t be brought back to the original state, but we believe and trust in our process and products.

Our Guarantee

Spot dyeing is used to recolor, or put the color back into, the carpet fibers to match the rest of the carpet. The bleach stains will disappear, restoring the carpet back to its previous color. The special dyes that we use will remove the stains, and once we’re finished with dyeing the carpet, the color won’t wash out or rub off.

The stain removal will last as long as the life of the carpet, so you won’t have to replace it.

Call today to get your carpets restored to their previous state, and increase the value of your home and save yourself from having to replace your carpets.

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